10th Annual Training Greater Augusta Coalition Against Adult Abuse

Conference Agenda

8:55–9:00 Welcome and Introductions

9:00–10:30 Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places: An In-Depth Analysis of Romance Scams

Paul Greenwood, Retired San Diego Deputy District Attorney, will provide an in-depth presentation focusing on how criminal justice professionals can work together to build effective cases. Enhancing victim’s safety, gathering evidence, preserving testimony, and offender accountability will all be discussed.

10:30–10:45 Break

10:45–11:45 Identifying, Investigating, and Prosecuting Romance Scams [Romance Scams]

Kaitlin Cooke, Assistant US Attorney and Kimberly Ulmet, Victim Witness Specialist will focus on how police, prosecutors, and other stakeholders can identify and investigate ongoing romance scams. It will review important investigative tools and strategies likely to uncover evidence sufficient to support criminal prosecution. The presentation will also cover the federal criminal laws implicated by romance scams, including investigative processes, case studies of successful charging theories, and victim-witness issues likely to arise in romance scam prosecutions.

11:45–12:30 Lunch Break

12:30–1:30 Criminal vs. Civil Neglect in Long Term Care Facilities [CLE Criminal vs. Civil] [Nurse on Trial for Death]

Jeffrey Downey, Esq. will discuss the distinctions between civil and criminal cases and address Virginia criminal law as it relates to elder neglect and abuse. He will discuss investigating neglect and abuse of the elderly and the types of information and documentation that needs to be developed to assure a proper investigation either licensing agencies, adult protective service agencies or the commonwealth’s attorney’s office. Finally, he will address the issue of death certificates and how such certificate can be inaccurate, requiring referrals to Virginia’s Medical Examiner’s Office.

1:30–2:30 Legal and Therapeutic Criteria for (Psychiatric) Emergency Custody: With Specific Considerations for Dementia. [EDO-TDO Process – With Dementia Considerations]

James Spurgeon, LPC, Valley Community Services Board will give a detailed review of the legal and therapeutic criteria and the process for Civil Involuntary Admission (ECO and TDO). Followed by a discussion on navigating a common barrier to treatment access in cases involving a primary diagnosis of dementia.

2:30–2:45 Break

2:45–4:15 Enhancing LTC Investigative Collaborations: Emphasis on ALFs [Enhancing Collaboration]

Sharon Deboever, Licensing Inspector with VA Dept. of Social Services will clarify the differences between assisted living, nursing homes and private homes in the state of Virginia as it relates to resident rights, operating and complaint procedures including responses to abuse and neglect. It will outline regulatory responsibilities and investigative collaboration with adult protective services and law enforcement by assisted living facility inspectors.

4:15-4:30 Closing & Final Remarks

“This virtual training event is sponsored in part by the Virginia Coalition for the Prevention of Elder Abuse & Community Foundation Central Blue Ridge. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the conveners/authors/trainers and do not necessarily represent the views of VCPEA.”