Greater Augusta Coalition Against Adult Abuse
Report Adult Abuse: 1-888-83-ADULT
Held Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The keynote speaker was Kerri Kasem, the daughter of the well-known Top 40 DJ Casey
She discussed her family’s fight to see him in the last year of his life. He had been isolated and
barred from seeing or talking with his family or friends with no law available to prevent this abuse. She
ed early warning signs of abuse, prevention, and offer insight on how Law Enforcement and
APS should approach these cases to ensure that the victim’s rights are protected.

Kerri will also provide information about the Kasem Cares Visitation Legislation that
has been passed in 1
2 states

Also shown was the Oscar nominated short documentary film – Edith + Eddie – a true story of Love and
Elder Abuse in Virginia.

Other presenters included:

- Doris Gelbman, Elder Law Attorney, on Powers – or Responsibility? of Attorney

- Stephanie Painter, Bank Secrecy Act Manager and Jordan Weatherholtz, Fraud Analyst with
Dupont Community Credit Union on
private sector investigations of adult financial exploitation, including how to read bank statements

- Gavi Simms, Special Agent with the Social Security Administration, Office of the Inspector
General on Social Security Fraud

- Vera Hailey, Magistrate, on the Derailing of End of Life and Estate Plans: My Mother’s story of
Undue Influence
The 7th Annual Training of the Greater Augusta Coalition Against Adult Abuse
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